Countertops and Surfaces

Countertops are a fundamental part of your kitchen, bathroom, and perhaps other spaces in your home. They need to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to truly get the job done. At Orange Cactus Remodeling, we’re glad to provide residents of Chandler, Gilbert and Arizona’s East Valley with exceptional countertops and surfaces. We offer an array of kitchen countertops, from natural stone to laminate products. Our team can cater to your specific style and meet your budget and space requirements. Learn more about finding the perfect countertops for your home. 

quartz countertop installation in Chandler AZ.

Why New Countertops Are an Excellent Investment

Reinvigorate Your Space With New Countertops

As you’re considering home improvement services, don’t forget about the countertops. While they may seem like a small detail in some instances, they can make a huge difference in your home. The most obvious benefit of new surfaces is increased functionality, but that certainly isn’t the only one. Here are just a few advantages of new countertops:

  • Personalization: Installing new surfaces allows you to reflect your personality in your home design. Choose colors that speak to you or patterns that meld with the rest of your design. 
  • Higher Home Value: Granite, marble and quartz countertops are a huge selling point for many homebuyers. If you plan to sell down the road, be sure to update your surfaces. 
  • Easy or Specified Maintenance: Many countertop materials are very easy to maintain. And those that require special maintenance usually have clear processes for what to do.
  • Long-Term Results: Investing in high-quality countertops means you won’t have to replace them in a few years. You get long-term results and long-term savings. 

No Shortage of Countertop Options

The world is your oyster when it comes to bathroom and kitchen countertops. You have seemingly endless options for material, color, and texture. Here are the popular types of countertops that we offer:

Natural Stone 

Natural stone countertops are the gold standard. Many of these products are durable and long-lasting, but others require lots of maintenance to keep them in top shape. Ask our team about these natural stone option: 

  • Marble 

Engineered Stone 

Engineered stone is another way to go if granite countertops aren’t your thing. Quartz is the most popular engineered stone and is available in a spectrum of colors. This material is remarkably resistant to stains and scratches. 


Wood countertops in the butcher block style are a top choice for rustic or farmhouse-style kitchens. While they can be more challenging to maintain, their aesthetic appeal makes up for it. 

Solid Surface 

Solid surface countertops are made from synthetic materials such as acrylic and polyester. This durable material is like a chameleon—it can fit in with nearly any design preference. 

onyx countertops in chandler az

Onyx Brand For Bathroom Surfaces

Onyx brand bathroom surfaces are made from a byproduct (Alumina Trihydrate) of the natural mineral bauxite and a specially formulated polyester resin. Alumina Trihydrate also serves as a fire retardant and smoke suppressant, in the event of a fire, adding safety.  Similar to Corian, this product is ideal for the bathroom.  Each item is custom, made-to-order and fit to the exact size, shape and color(s) desired. 

Onyx countertops can have separate drop-in or under-mounted bowls, or integrated sinks that come in dozens of different shapes and sizes.

Not just for bathroom countertops, onyx brand surfaces can be used for showers – shower and tub surrounds, pans, and accessories like shower seats, benches, recessed niches, ramps, shelves, and even window wraps.

Shower surrounds come in customizable sizes and shapes with over forty color options. Different textures for the walls are available in shiplap, subway tile, wavy tile, stone print & smooth; while bases have options for hex and pebbled surfaces with mix and match colors and textures. You can go to the Onyx website to design your own shower using their 3-D Designer.

Materials are “Guaranteed Forever”

Easy To Clean and Care For

Bathroom countertops with onyx brand surfaces
Countertop installation by Orange Cactus Remodeling in Chandler AZ

The Orange Cactus Remodeling Difference

Whether you come to us for expansive granite countertops or a new vanity surface, the team at Orange Cactus Remodeling is excited to help. We’re experts in bathroom and kitchen remodeling, and we can take your space to the next level. Our team completes the whole project, so you won’t be dealing with any outside subcontractors who don’t understand your needs. In addition to comprehensive offerings and friendly service, we offer a slew of financing options to make your remodel feasible. 

Contact Us to Learn More About Countertop Installation

Take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level! Granite countertops are the most popular option, but the Orange Cactus Remodeling team can walk you through a world of options for your new surfaces. Over the years, we’ve worked with countless happy customers across Chandler, Gilbert and the East Valley, and we’d be happy to add your space to our list of successful projects. Contact us today to get started.